Ryukin Blanks

Ryukin Blanks


Hand sculpted, molded, and cast ryukin fancy goldfish figurines.

These blanks are perfect for hand painting yourself. You can put your own creative spin on them!

It can become whatever you imagine! Should it be super realistic? Maybe neon and glow black light? Or possibly rusted steampunky style!? I dunno!

Show me what you got! Post your final painted Ryukin on Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter and tag me!

Each cast comes with painting instructions to help anyone new to resin painting. The casts are pre-washed and ready for primer * If heavily handled upon arrival, please wash again in dish soap and warm water to remove surface oils*


**Blank casts may have minor discolorations or defects like micro bubbles or evidence of sanding away seams and sprues. This is 100% normal to expect when purchasing any artists’ blank casts. While I do take tremendous extra care to deliver the best quality casts I can, please understand that blank casts are meant to be painted and require preparation by the purchaser to ensure the quality of the final paint job desired. This is why they are offered at a lower affordable price point.

If you wish to keep the cast white and want a pristine white cast please specify with your order or via email so I can select the right cast for shipment. Please be sure to notify me within 1 business day of your order before your item is shipped. Once it is shipped it is out of my hands.

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