General Info

• The store is restocked and items are made available for purchase throughout the week as they are completed.

• Each week I work on new batches of blanks, one of a kind painted resin casts, various clear colored casts, and whatever else i've been inspired to create. Whatever is finished during the week will typically be added to the store the following day.

For store restocking previews, news, and notifications, please follow my Instagram and Facebook pages so that you don't miss out on limited items.

• Please understand that there may be some weeks without a store fill. My time is divided by commissions, new sculpts, paperwork, shipments, painting, photographing products, errand running, answering emails, etc.

Once an item is "Sold Out", that's it. I may or may not make a similar one in the future, but there is no guarantee. If there is something you really love and I have not made another for the store, please let me know in my Instagram comments. I always appreciate feedback about what you guys are really digging and want more of.  

Please understand that blanks are sold with the purpose to be painted by the purchaser.

• When castings are demolded, they may have small errors or tiny bubbles. Though I try to reduce all chances of these errors, they do commonly occur. I will fill and sand these bubbles and voids when needed. This means that the cast blank you receive may not be perfectly uniform in color (white, black, etc) BUT it will be ready to paint! 

If you need a completely white blank that you do not intend to paint, but to keep as a white piece of art, please contact me after ordering. I will do my best to select and send you an error free cast. 


• Please check out the Commission FAQ page to learn all about how to request a custom sculpture.

• I limit my commissions in order to focus on creating new and fun designs for the shop. 



Please allow a full week for orders to be filled and shipped. All items are created, prepped, packed, and shipped by myself and myself alone. So, please understand that if unexpected issues pop up in my day to day life, order fulfillments can be delayed. 

• All orders are shipped via USPS

Double check that your shipping address information is correctly entered. Im sorry, I cannot be held responsible for items shipped to incorrectly entered addresses. If you see there is an error in your confirmation email, please contact me asap to make changes to ensure that your items arrive at their proper destination. 

• If your tracking says the order has arrived and you did not receive it, it is unfortunately out of my hands. Please contact your local post office for assistance in finding the missing package.

• I try my best to pack all items with care so that they arrive in perfect condition. I unfortunately cannot control what happens to them once they are out of my hands and on their way to your door. If upon receiving your package, you find something has been damaged, please contact me via email so that we can assess how best to fix the problem. Most breakages can be solved with a little super glue and a steady hand.


** International Shipping **

• I ship all over the world!

Please allow up to two weeks for international shipment delivery.

• Be aware the tracking number you receive for USPS will not provide the normal step by step details. Just the shipment and arrival estimation will be listed.

• With international shipping rates starting at $21 per box, I can combine boxes to make the most of your shipping fee. If you have placed an order but would like to add an item isn't in stock this week, let me know and I can hold your shipment up to two weeks. Please contact me the same day as your order is placed so that we can make arrangements.

• If you would like to add insurance to your order, please contact me to make arrangements for that to be paid for.